Aglientu is a fascinating town in Gallura, in North East Sardinia. With its beautiful untouched beaches, its rich history and picturesque rural landscapes, Aglientu has become very popular with tourists.

The History of Aglientu

The origins of Aglientu are ancient, as proven by the many remains found in the area. The area was already inhabited in the Bronze Age and in Nuragic times, there are many Nuragic remains in the nearby area. It was originally a village called San Francesco d’Aglientu, created during the Savoia rule around the parish of San Francesco, that was built in 1776 by Vittorio Amadeo III.

The inland shepherds, who in winter months have to guide their herds to pasture near the sea to hide from yearly seasonal migration, began to move close to the Church. During the French Revolution some Sardinians and Corsicans took over the Aragonian tower. A few decades later near the church, the local kitchens were built, buildings that host local festivals and religious ceremonies.

For the first half of the 1800s, only a couple of settlements were built, despite the popularity of the kitchens growing. These were built by craftspeople coming from Tempio. Around 1850, they began building proper homes around the church, and that is how the village took shape, with three kitchens, two shops, one mill and the homes of a few craftspeople and their families.

The number of buildings increased in the first half of the 20th century, when the autocratic economy of each stazzi continued and as the first centre of the residential area became established. It had straight and narrow paths, arranged in geometric space around the church. It became independent from Tempio Pausania in 1959, and it became its own town with the full name San Francesco d’Aglientu. In 1968, the name was changed to simply Aglientu.

The beaches of Aglientu

One of the most famous beaches in Anglientu is Rena Majore, ideal for long walks on the beach, and it was even chosen as a filming location for Disney’s recent The Little Mermaid. The other is Monti Russu beach, a charming bay surrounded by sand dunes and cliffs. This calm and isolated corner is perfect for those who are looking for a private and rugged experience

Aglientu is also an ideal starting point for exploring other local beaches. On the outskirts you will find the famous beach of Vignola Mare, with its light sand and transparent water. An ideal location to relax, discover hidden creeks and take a pleasant walk along the coast.

Sights To See In Aglientu

One of its focal points is the church of San Pancrazio, a beautiful rural church from the 17th century in the main town square. It is characterised by traditional Galluran architecture and represents an important place of worship for the local community. The ideal destination for those who appreciate discovering local Italian architecture styles.

The nuraghe Finucchjaglia and Tuttusoni are particularly interesting because they are so called “tholos” nuraghe, a rare kind in the Gallura region.

Sights To See Near Aglientu

A short distance away you will find the charming archipelago of La Maddalena with its crystal waters and sandy white beaches. Another interesting destination in the area is Santa Teresa Gallura, a delightful town that overlooks the Strait of Bonifacio. Here you can find the Torre Aragonese, an imposing defensive fortress from the 16th century that boasts spectacular views of the sea and of Corsica.

Lovers of nature can explore the Gallura inland, with its green hills, valleys and charming towns like Tempio Pausania (known for its thermal springs) and enjoy peaceful excursions by immersing themselves in the peace and quiet of the area.