The Beaches of Gallura

Beaches of white, fine sand alternate with rocky and indented coasts. The turquoise and emerald sea is breath-taking, and the naturalistic landscapes are extraordinary. The refined beauty of the Gallura beaches is impossible to miss. Tourists’ attention on a trip here will be on the crystal-clear sea with its hundreds of chromatic shades, that make the skyline so unique.

The beaches of Gallura are almost always easily reachable by car once you are in Sardinia, but in the most hidden and lesser-known bays you are guaranteed to experience fascinating walks, boat rides or other, more specific methods of transport in this Mediterranean corner.

Many beaches are very well suited to an exciting day, others are better suited to peaceful and relaxing moments, some are best for families with children, and others still are better for the thrilling water sports. The only way to fully appreciate all of this beauty is to live it.