Calangianus is a town in Gallura, in Northeast Sardinia, about 35 km from Olbia and about 10 km from Tempio Pausania. It is known as the capital of cork.

The History of Calangianus

The history of Calangianus is distinguished by the many settlements that have shaped the town throughout the ages. Its location guaranteed communication with the rest of the territory, making it the centre of control of the island.

In more recent times Calangianus became the Italian capital of cork. The large quantities of cork oaks that cover the land help give way to different processes, which makes the cork here exported to all of Italy and the rest of the world.

Sights To See In Calangianus

Another location to visit here in Calangianus is the Museum of Cork, which reconstructs the history of the local manufacture of the material and their techniques. The Museum is hosted in the ancient Convent of the Capuchin Monks (1705-1866), a building in stone that develops around a central courtyard with a well. Adjacent to the Museum, the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli used to be the Convent’s church. It was decorated in 1948 with paintings by Carlo Armanni, a Galluran soldier, depicting scenes from Saint Francis’ life.

Local churches of Saint Anne and Saint Agatha are also important here, they are from different time periods which gives a retrospective on Sardinian architecture.

You will find many Nuraghe from the Bronze Age in the area, though not all perfectly preserved. In Pascaréddha you will find the Giant’s Tomb that predates the Nuragic civilisation, as well as the “Funtana di li Paladini”, a work of art from the same era.

Sights To See Near Calangianus

Due to its central location in Gallura, Calangianus is placed perfectly between the towns of Tempio and Luras.

The town is on the base of the Monti del Limbara. During a visit here, it is impossible not to notice the charming mountainous landscape that surrounds it, or indeed be tempted to a pleasant hike.

Finally, just outside the town, along the road that connects Calangianus to Telti (SS 127), you will find Conca Fraicata: a natural cave that once acted as refuge for shepherds and visitors alike.

The Beaches Near Calangianus

Though Calangianus is not a seaside location, the coast is easily accessible from the town. In particular, the wonderful beaches of Li Junchi, Rena Majori and La Liccia between Badesi and Santa Teresa Gallura are worth a visit. If you love surfing, these are some of the more ideal beaches for it due to its consistent wind. Some others are easily reachable in Olbia and Emerald Coast, where the landscape is ruled by the crystal waters.