Fun Facts

White beaches, untouched and sometimes wild nature, but also so many fascinating things to discover when visiting Gallura, from the nuraghe to the beautiful landscapes to the typical meals to enjoy.

1.The wonderful burghs of Gallura

The little towns of Gallura are a hard-to-miss destination. Aggius is one of them, a town full of culture and tradition. Its medieval centre has cemented its place as one of the most authentic burghs in Italy, and when the skies are clear you can have an excellent view of the entire, beautiful North of Sardinia.

2.The Valle della Luna

The “Valle della Luna is one of the most unique landscapes Gallura can offer. Smoothed by the wind and full of caves and statues that come alive at night, it is presented as a clearing of granite masses. There are two areas that take this name, one is in Santa Teresa and the other is in Aggius.

3.The archipelago of La Maddalena

The archipelago of La Maddalena is a precious jewel, that comprises of treasures and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. To see all of the islands you have to rent a boat or join a group tour. But spending an entire day surrounded and submerged in the crystal-clear waters of the archipelago is an unforgettable experience.

4.The Porto Pollo beaches

Granitic rocks that give way to an expanse of fine sand. The beaches of Porto Pollo are the ideal place for lovers of surfing and other sports. Very exposed to the winds, this area is where you can often see the highest of waves. A real lure for enthusiasts.

5.The most distinctive museums

In Gallura you can visit many museums dedicated to Sardinian culture. In Luras you have the museum of the Femmina Agabbadora, a feminine figure wrapped in mystery. In Arzachena you will find La Scatola del Tempo, the smallest museum in Italy. In Olbia, the necropolis of Simplicio is worth a visit.

6.L’Agnata di De Andrè

In 1975, L’Agnata became the dwelling of famous Italian singer Fabrizio De Andrè, alongside his wife Dori Ghezzi. Today it is a famous boutique hotel with a restaurant open to everyone regardless of whether they are staying in the hotel. It is a magical place, completely immersed in nature, where you can still feel Faber’s music around you.

7.The mercatino of San Pantaleo

The market of San Pantaleo is one of the most beautiful ones in Sardinia. It is a favoured destination of artisans, and every Thursday in summer they gather to form a real artists’ market.

8.The city of Olbia

Olbia absolutely deserves a visit. Full of beaches, and embracing the marine reserve of Tavolara, it is the central town of Gallura and well-serviced by venues, shops and other services.

9.The gallurian soup

The gallurian soup is absolutely one of the local gastronomical marvels to try. It is made with a combination of bread dipped in sheep broth with a lot of delicious cheese. The look is similar to a lasagna, but the flavour is even nicer than that. It can be tried in any farm in North Sardinia.

10.Mazza frissa

Another traditional dish from the area you absolutely have to try is mazza frissa. It is a meal obtained by the skimming of fresh milk. And of course, you cannot forget to pair the mazza frissa with a good glass of wine, maybe even Gallura’s own Vermentino di Gallura.