Loiri Porto San Paolo is a town in Gallura, in the Northeast of Sardinia. It’s an ideal destination for the summer holidays, thanks to the beaches that frame the crystal sea and its turquoise tones.

The History of Loiri Porto San Paolo

Loiri Porto San Paolo was first inhabited by humans in the neolithic age, between 6000 and 3000 b.C, and many archaeological digs over the years have shown this. The nuraghe found traces of various groups that at one time lived here, including the Phoenicians and the Romans, who later conquered the whole of Sardinia to make it a province in their empire.

During the feudal era, when the area was ruled by the Aragonians and the Spanish, it was part of a fief called Encontrada di Gallura. Between the 17th and 20th centuries here, as well as in the rest of Gallura, there developed a Civiltà dello Stazzo, a self-sufficient agro-pastoral economy.

More recently it was part of the municipality of Tempio Pausania, but in 1979 it separated from it and became an independent region.

The Beaches of Loiri Porto San Paolo

The beach of Cala Finanza is one of the most unpolluted in the area, and so one of the most sought-after destinations to relax. There are sandy shores in areas safe from the wind and accessible on foot through forest paths and occasional dirt paths.

Another beautiful beach here is Porto Taverna. The shore is made of white sand, the bed is shallow and the water crystal clear, with a magnificent view of Isola di Tavolara.

Due to the above characteristics, the beach is good for families with young children. There are entertainment services nearby for children and adults alike, who can rent different equipment for various underwater activities.

Also worth mentioning are the beaches of Costa Dorata and Cala Girgolu. The first is surrounded by lush vegetation with a lot of equipment available for renting including umbrellas, seaside beds and more. The second is located at the bottom of a cliff between Vaccileddi and Monte Petrosu, the border between Loiri Porto San Paolo and San Teodoro. The environment offers unique landscapes where granite rocks and crystal waters take over.

Sights To See In Loiri Porto San Paolo

In the area there are 8 unique churches, and in Santa Giusta the homonymous church represents the first centre of the Mediaeval town which later became the municipality. In Loiri on the other hand, we have the parish of San Nicola di Bari, characterised by an open facade in granite and a portal with a delicately decorated architrave. It has an embossment of scenes from the life of San Nicola.

Nearby, ruins have been uncovered of a few Nuraghi. Some of the simpler ones are Loiri, Lu Monti Lisciu and Zappalli Mannu, and others are the Nuraghi of Monti Littu and Zappalli Minori.

Sights To See Near Loiri Porto San Paolo

The surrounding area of Loiri Porto San Paolo has a lot to offer. Starting from Isola di Tavolara, which faces the town. Its beaches are made of light-coloured sand which frames the clear waters and the surrounding foliage. You can reach Tavolara very easily from Porto San Paolo.

In the nearby area, Castello di Pedres in the municipality of Olbia is worth exploring. The mediaeval fort rises on a hill over 100 metres in height and it grants spectacular views of the area. You can also get to Olbia’s Archaeological Museum from here.

From Loiri Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro is also easily accessible. Its historical centre and main church found in Piazza Gallura are worth exploring here.