Luogosanto is a town in Gallura, in Northeast Sardinia. It is found at the base of the Monti Ghjuanni hill, a small hilly region that is part of the region of Alta Gallura.

The History Of Luogosanto

The very first historical records of Luogosanto are from the Mediaeval Ages, as it was built by some Franciscan friars with the idea to make it an ideal location for prayer and meditation.

Over the course of history Luogosanto became autonomous thanks to the agricultural work of the land, especially viniculture.

Sights To See In Luogosanto

A shining example is the Santuario dei Santi Nicola e Trano, one of the most characteristic views here. It’s a perfectly conserved hermitage from the 5th century, a known destination for pilgrimage.

Inside the little church there is an open granite cave, and the church itself hosts a gorgeous panoramic view of Luogosanto and the rest of Gallura. This is a particularly special view when seen at sunset.

Another religious building worth visiting is the Basilica di Nostra Signora di Luogosanto, one built by Franciscan friars in the 1200s. Its uniqueness lies in the Porta Santa realised entirely in bronze and decorated with scenes of the Madonna’s appearance to some friars.

Just outside the historical city centre of Luogosanto you will find the spring of La Filetta, a natural area immersed in lush greenery. An ideal location for lovers of hiking, who will find many paths that lend themselves to long walks.

Sights To See Near Luogosanto

A short distance from Luogosanto there is the city of Algientu and its many nuraghe. In Aggius, about 20 km from Luogosanto, you will find the Museo del Banditismo, a museum complex that tells the tales of the most famous bandits of the Galluran area.

The Beaches Near Luogosanto

Though not facing the sea, Luogosanto is connected to the Galluran coast. Among the easier beaches to reach we have Rena Majori, in the Aglientu area, surrounded by granite rocks that act as natural borders of the bay.

Another beach here worth mentioning is La Piana, also in the Aglientu area. Lovers of diving and snorkelling can enjoy their time here thanks to the beautiful waters.

Un’altra spiaggia degna di menzione per vicinanza è quella di La Piana, nel comune di Aglientu, nella quale gli amanti delle immersioni e dello snorkeling possono divertirsi grazie ai bellissimi.