Oschiri is a town in Gallura, in the Northeast of Sardinia. Close by there is a coast known simply as Paradiso, as it is very naturalistic, and it is located between the sea and the mountains.

The History Of Oschiri

The town dates back to Prehistoric times, particularly the Neolithic period. This has been confirmed by the many remains of the Nuragic period found there, especially the ones found in the rocky site of Santo Stefano. In Mediaeval times, Oschiri was subject to the feudal lords of the judicature of Torres – it was at this time that they built a castle which was then used as the local archbishop’s headquarters. Later on, power went to the Doria family until 1839, when the feudal system was officially dismantled in the area – this gave way to the modern age, which gave us the current village of Gallura.

Sights To See In Oschiri

Among the monuments that deserve to be appreciated we have Parrocchia della Vergine Immacolata from the 18th century, and the romantic 11th century church dedicated to San Demetrio. About 5 km from the centre of Oschiri, the 11th century Cattedrale di N.S. di Castro is also worth a visit – an impressive complex surrounded by a tall walled enclosure. And finally, Oschiri is also full of Nuragic remains, mostly large stone buildings that are still intact from the 3rd millennium b.C.

Sights To See Near Oschiri

Lake Coghinas, where waters from the river Coghinas (named after the lake) and the river Mannu meet.

The Coghinas is also a dam, roughly 185 m in length and 58 m in height. On the eastern bank you can see a villa, in a typical liberty style that gives way to a view of the mountains and lake there. It also gives way to the nearly 18 square kilometres of ski resort in the area.

From Oschiri you can also reach Tempio Pausania, known as the city of stone. It offers a delightful walk along the city centre, down Corso Matteotti and through Piazza Italia. You could also find the historical residence of judge Nino Visconti, mentioned in the eight Canto of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

The Beaches Near Oschiri

The most beautiful beaches in the area are known as Le Sorgenti, Le Baiette and Li Tamerici, in the nearby town of Trinità D’Agultu e Vignola. These are small, natural bays that are accessible from the village of Costa Paradiso. Nearby you also have the beach of Longa Isola Rossa, that offers thin, white sands, where you can rent water skiing, motorboating and diving equipment.