Telti is a town in Gallura, in North East Sardinia. It is a perfect destination for fans of nature and hiking.

The History of Telti

The town is ancient, but it became more important in the mediaeval era, as proven by its name showing up in those ancient documents. It used to be known as Tertis back then. In 1963 it became independent and it was officially its own town.

Sights To See In Telti

First of all, starting from the historical city centre you will find the roots that make Telti unique. Going along the small paths in the city you will find Chiesa di Santa Vittoria.

Lovers of archaeology can visit the Nuraghe Putzolu and the Nuraghe La Prexona di Siana. Also worth visiting is the Museo Culturale e Naturalistico della Sardegna.

Sights To See Near Telti

The first stop is Olbia, heart of Gallura, where you will find many monuments and the Archaeological Museum. From Telti you can also reach Calangianus, world capital of cork, and Loiri Porto San Paolo.

The Beaches Near Telti

A few miles away from Telti are some of the most charming beaches in Gallura. Among these, Pittulongu in Olbia is sandy and perfect for families with young children, Porto Istana has soft sand and stunning colours, and Cala Brandinchi in San Teodoro known as “little Tahiti” for its exotic beauty.