The town of Vidalba is on the border between Gallura and Anglona, in North Sardinia. Thanks to its strategic position, it is the ideal starting point to visit its surroundings, which includes gorgeous beaches and historical monuments.

The History of Viddalba

The small town of Viddalba originated in the Nuragic period, as shown by the many archaeological finds from the town and its outskirts. During Roman rule, its lands were crossed by important connections to nearby coastal towns including Porto Torres, then known as Turris Libisonis, and the more well-known town of Olbia.

During the Mediaeval times, particularly between the 9th and 15th century when the Sardinian Judicate ruled, what is now Viddalba turned into an important and very strategic administrative centre. Through the centuries, groups including the Pisans and the Aragonians took control of the area, and they both left an indelible footprint on the cultural and architectural heritage of the area.

The Beaches of Viddalba

The beaches are one of the main attractions of the town. Among the more famous ones we have Baia delle Mimose, made of a long stretch of coast with golden sand that goes for miles and miles.

This beach is characterised by gorgeous natural dunes, as well as its crystal clear sea. This all comes together to give the area a relaxing atmosphere that gives anyone travelling here lots of peace and quiet.

Hard to forget the beach of San Pietro, easily accessible from Viddalba and an ideal destination for anyone into water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Sights To See In Viddalba

The small, picturesque roman church dedicated to San Giovanni from 1100 was recently restored, and it is one of the hidden treasures of Viddalba. This small church is part of a group of eight abbeys and religious locations on eight local hills, that in mediaeval times acted as a strategic connection for the economy, for commerce and for pilgrims and travellers going to the centre of Anglona.

After the church of San Giovanni, another destination worth visiting in town is the Museo Archeologico di Viddalba, one of the most important museums of the area. It contains precious remnants of pre-Nuragic civilisations as well as the Nuragic one and the Phoenician one, but the most relevant artefacts are those recovered from the archaeological dig of the Roman necropolis of San Leonardo.

Sights To See Near Viddalba

Viddalba’s position allows visitors to move freely across the territory. On the outskirts, you will find the gorgeous mediaeval burg of Castelsardo, characterised by a majestic fortress and picturesque cobbled alleys surrounded by many colourful houses.

Another location you can’t miss is the National Park of the Archipelago di La Maddalena. It is a real slice of paradise with gorgeous natural landscapes, formed by islands big and small with white sands and turquoise waters that leave tourists speechless.

For all lovers of natural beauty, the Parco Naturale Regionale di Porto Conte ad Alghero is worth a visit, as it encompasses gorgeous cliffs on the sea and lush wild fauna in its borders.